The information contained within the following articles explicitly relates to the version of MoneyWell available from the App Store (that was released in March 2023) unless otherwise stated.

Introducing the all-new MoneyWell Sync platform for MoneyWell! Now you can effortlessly synchronize your Budgets across multiple Macs and iPhones. Stay connected and up-to-date with your finances wherever you go.

MoneyWell uses iCloud, specifically CloudKit, for seamless synchronization between devices. Rest assured, your data is securely stored within your iCloud account, ensuring that MoneyWell support and developers have no access to it. Your privacy and data integrity are top priorities.

Setting up Sync on your Budget is as simple as a single button click.

Whether you want to:

You can also Disable Sync for a Budget:

Budget Sharing

Exciting news with MoneyWell 2023.05! Now you can effortlessly share a Budget across multiple iCloud accounts, it's as simple as sending an email.

For more details, including informative videos on Budget Sharing, check out our article:

With the new sync system in place, MoneyWell has transitioned from the "document" model to a more streamlined approach. Instead of managing individual documents, the MoneyWell app now takes care of all your budgets. This enhancement allows for seamless syncing of multiple budgets across devices. Enjoy the convenience of centralized budget management with MoneyWell.

For more information on where your MoneyWell data is now being stored please see our article:

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