Where is my MoneyWell data being stored

This article solely relates to the new version of MoneyWell (that is available from the App Store and released in March 2023) and is entirely not relevant to any of the previous versions, MoneyWell 3, MoneyWell 2 or the MoneyWell 1.

Because of the way syncing now works, we've moved away from a "document" model, where you look after your document and can move it around. The MoneyWell app now manages all of the budgets. This enables multiple budgets to be synced. If you want to make sure your budgets are backed up (and you should) ensure your backup system backs up ~/Library/Containers/com.diligentrobot.MoneyWell/

This folder may be displayed as: 


because of how macOS now displays folders inside the Containers folder, so you'll need to check the icon to make sure it's the new green with bucket logo as if you have installed multiple versions of MoneyWell on this machine it's now the only way to distinguish them.

What about security / encryption?

MoneyWell is using iCloud (specifically CloudKit) to sync between devices. MoneyWell support / developers have no access to your data. It is stored within your iCloud account. More information can be found on the security of iCloud at Apple's website:

As previously, MoneyWell does not encrypt your data when on your device at the app level. Apple provide device-level encryption both on Mac (FileVault or Data Protection) and on iOS (Data Protection) which ensure that your data is encrypted when your device(s) are locked or turned off. More information on this can be found on Apple's website: Encryption and Data Protection Overview

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