Disable Sync for a budget

Once you disable sync, you will remove the budget's data from the cloud. Any devices which were syncing with this budget will become Local budgets. If you want to keep the data from this budget, ensure that all devices have successully synced before deleting the cloud data.

The Local budget will contain the data as synced to that device at the point the cloud data is removed.

If you only wish to stop a single device syncing, but want to be able to continue to sync this budget between other devices, you should instead Detach the budget.

Please make sure to carefully read through all instructions before undertaking this process.

If you want to disable sync for a Budget you can follow these steps:

  1. Close the Budget window for the Budget you're disabling by clicking the red 'X' in the top corner of the Budget window, but DO NOT close MoneyWell itself. This step is important, because if you do not close the Budget window, you will not be shown the correct options in the settings, instead you will be just shown a checkmark.

  2. Go to MoneyWell -> Settings -> Sync

  3. Select the Syncing tab and find your budget in the list; click the Detach budget button

  4. Read the dialog and, if you're happy, click Detach from sync

  5. Switch to the Remote (available to download) tab, find the remote version of your budget in the list and click the Delete from cloud button

  6. Read the dialog and, if you're happy, click Permanently delete

You've now converted your budget to a local, unsynced budget. You will be left with a version of your budget which is "Local"

If sync was enabled on any other devices, each of those devices will now have its own local copy of the budget. It's important to remember that changes made on one of those devices will no longer be reflected on any another device.

It is not possible to "merge" two local budgets. If you want to re-enable sync and have devices which each have their own version of a budget where those version have diverged, you'll need to pick the version you'd like to sync, and enable sync on that one. Changes from other devices will not be included. Other devices will download that version of your budget.

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