Set up a new MoneyWell Budget for Sync

This article solely relates to the new version of MoneyWell (that is available from the App Store and released in March 2023) and is entirely not relevant to any of the previous versions, MoneyWell 3, MoneyWell 2 or the MoneyWell 1.

To create a new Budget with sync enabled in MoneyWell:

  1. Choose "Start a New Budget" from the Budgets Window

  2. Give the Budget a name and click "Next"

  3. Make sure "Set up this budget for syncing" is enabled and click "Next"

  4. Accept the default buckets, or de-select any you don't want and click "Finish"

Your new Budget is now available for syncing. Follow the Accounts guide to add account(s) to your budget.

Due to the way that iCloud works, it can take up to 2 minutes after MoneyWell reports that the Budget has been prepared for it to become visible on another device. After this, changes made on one device should appear within a few seconds on another device.

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