Attachments in MoneyWell

A relatively unknown feature is the ability to attach files to transactions within MoneyWell.

This has existed for a long time. Previously (in versions 3 and older) these attachments were stored in MoneyWell's container, away from your document.

This posed a number of problems:

  • MoneyWell 2 and 3 used different locations
  • When moving to a new machine or re-installing the OS, attachments could easily be lost
  • All of the attachments were stored in one large folder, making it difficult to know which files were obsolete, relating to old or deleted documents
  • For synced documents, the attachments were either unavailable or needed syncing via some other means to make them available on other devices

For the latest version of MoneyWell (first released in March 2023 and only available from the App Store), we've now migrated these attachments into your MoneyWell Budget itself. This means that attachments will be synced between devices, and an archive of your budget includes all the data necessary to open or restore it on another device.

Please Note:

  • When importing a MoneyWell 3 (or older) document which uses attachments, new MoneyWell will not be able to import attachments which are inaccessible. It needs the attachments to exist in their correct location on the Mac where the import is taking place, so they can be successfully imported.
  • If you are syncing a document with attachments, this will significantly increase the size of storage required and time to upload / download a budget, particularly on first enabling sync, or first downloading it onto a new device.
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