Importing Old Style MoneyWell Documents

This article solely relates to the new version of MoneyWell (that is available from the App Store and released in March 2023) and is entirely not relevant to any of the previous versions, MoneyWell 3, MoneyWell 2 or the MoneyWell 1.

What's Changed? Why do I need to Import?

With this next step with MoneyWell, we've had to make some changes to the way MoneyWell stores your data. This had to be done to enable a secure sync system.

Old versions of MoneyWell (MoneyWell, MoneyWell 2, MoneyWell 3) all used a "Document" model, where you look after your Document and can move it around.

MoneyWell now handles all the data in what we call a "Budget". This is completely within the app and no longer requires you to look after anything, and there is nothing to move around.

Importing your existing Old Style MoneyWell Documents couldn't be a simpler process. Simply follow the below instructions, with attached video.


  1. Locate your exisitng Document. You can find the location of a Document by opening MoneyWell 3 and in the Welcome Window, below the name of the Document will be the location at which is it stored.
Welcome Window in MoneyWell 3, with the location of the Document named "Large File" highlighted in red
  1. If you use attachments, open this Document and go through and check that the attachements are still correctly showing.
  2. Once you have located your Document and confirmed any attachements are in place, you can close MoneyWell 3.
  3. Open the new MoneyWell.
  4. You will be shown the new Budgets Window where your Budgets will be displayed just like the Documents were displayed in the MoneyWell 3 Welcome Window.
  5. From here, click on "Import MoneyWell Document".
Budgets Window in MoneyWell 2023, with the "Import MoneyWell Document" highlighted in red
  1. A Finder selection Window will appear, from here navigate to where your existing Old Style MoneyWell Document is stored.
  2. Select your MoneyWell Document and click Open.
  3. That's it. Your existing Old Style MoneyWell Document is now imported into MoneyWell.

Important Notes

  • You can still keep the existing Old Style MoneyWell Document, but what the new MoneyWell has now done is completely duplicate all the data from within that Document and used it to created a Budget. The existing Old Style MoneyWell Document and the new Budget that was created are now two seperate entities that are not connected. Any changes to either with not be reflected in the other.
  • MoneyWell Budgets are not backwards compatible with any previous versions of MoneyWell.
  • Regarding Backups, MoneyWell creates regular snapshots that can be used to restore from, you can also Export as a ".mwarchive" file to make a manual backup. Please read our article on backing up MoneyWell for more information, Backing Up MoneyWell
  • If you are having any problems with this process, please contact support.
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