Running MoneyWell 3 alongside MoneyWell 2023

MoneyWell 2023 is a brand new app. It stores its data in a totally different location from both MoneyWell 3 and MoneyWell 2 (technically known as a container).

Find out more about where your data is stored in MoneyWell 2023 here, Where is my MoneyWell data being stored

When you import a MoneyWell 3 document into MoneyWell 2023, this is a non-destructive operation*.

The new MoneyWell copies the underlying data file to its new location, it attempts to find and import attachments that were linked to your old document and then when opening that budget going forward, it never touches your original data again.

This does mean that any preferences you may have set at the app level, or configuration required to get a USAA connection working again may need to be done again in the new app.

The only possible shared data across apps may be passwords. If you use Direct Connect MoneyWell stores your password in the macOS system keychain and requests access when it needs it. As MoneyWell 2023 is a new app, if it attempts to access the existing password you may be prompted to allow the new app to access this password. This will only apply for Direct Connect connections which existed in your old MoneyWell document prior to importing it into MoneyWell 2023.

*While it is a non-destructive action, any instance of a computer opening a file can lead to all kinds of significant consequences, so please continue to ensure you have working backups before undertaking anything.

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