USAA Direct Connect

Update 11 December 2023

Unfortunately it now appears that USAA have completely dropped support for Direct Connect. We are continuing to work on adding better bank connectivity with a third party aggregation service. We hope to be able to release an update on our progress soon, please make sure to check our blog, MoneyWell Blog.

Update 6 May 2021

We've implemented a workaround for the issue mentioned below and sent it out to a number of beta-testers who'd reported the issue. Initial feedback is good, so assuming it continues to be good, we're hopeful that we can finally get this released in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience.

Update 16 March 2021

It's been a bit of a longer delay in updates while testing has been happening. All signs point to things working well. We have one more issue that has come up in the last week which we'd like to address before this is released properly. Hopefully that won't take too long. As per the Feb 19 / 23 update, if you'd like to give the beta a try, please drop a note to support.

Update 23 February 2021

Testing is progressing well. The new connection method seems to be largely working. There are a few teething problems getting set up—possible duplicate transactions and sometimes the accounts presented by the new connection method don't seem to be mapping correctly to the MoneyWell accounts, but these are things which are one off issues and we can help resolve via support. We have one major issue outstanding which relates to if you have multiple USAA logins. Multiple accounts are fine, but currently only the last added login will work. This applies if for instance you and your partner both have USAA accounts with your own logins. We think we've identified the issue and should have a fix out to beta soon.

If everything progresses smoothly, we're hoping we'll be able to release this in the next few weeks 🤞. As per the Feb 19 update, if you'd like to give the beta a try, please drop a note to support.

Update 19 February 2021

Good news! We have a beta version of MoneyWell in testing which is allowing USAA customers to once again download their transactions. If you're happy with very beta software, and some manual configuration please drop an e-mail to support (link at the top and bottom of the page). We hope to continue testing this over the next week or two, as well as making it slightly more friendly to use so we can release it in the coming weeks. We hope it's not the case, but it's worth bearing in mind that USAA could obviously block this at any point, so our excitement should be tempered.

Update 14 February 2021

We're aware that various open-source projects have succeeded in reverse-engineering some of the changes made by USAA recently and to some extent managed to initiate a connection to USAA without going via Quicken. We're monitoring developments and investigating what, if anything, is possible within MoneyWell.

Update 5 February 2021

We've not had any success getting the USAA connection working. Their official stance seems to be that they only support Quicken. The link needed to generate the access ID / PIN is specific to that application, and there appears to be additional communication going on behind the scenes that MoneyWell is not able to replicate.

Unless USAA changes their stance and allows other personal finance apps to use Direct Connect it seems unlikely that we'll be able to resolve this in the short term.

It is still possible to import your transactions. USAA no longer offers an OFX / QFX file for export but they do offer a CSV.

We've been informed by a USAA customer that to find it in your online banking:

  • Log into USAA from a desktop web browser
  • Click on the name of your account
  • Click on "I want to" in the upper-left corner of the page
  • Choose "Export"

MoneyWell can import a CSV file, but the first time you do so, you'll need to "map" the fields USAA provides to the fields that MoneyWell needs. We have a support article on how to do this here: Delimited Imports


Original Article:

As of January 27 2021, it appears that USAA have introduced a new method of authenticating when downloading your transactions via Direct Connect.

If you attempt to download transactions using your existing connection you may receive an error along the lines of DDXMLErrorDomain error 1.

The new connection method requires a new accessID and PIN. We're currently investigating if it's possible for MoneyWell to trigger the generation of this for USAA customers, and if so how, as it does not appear that it's possible to do it manually from within your USAA online banking.

We'll update this article when we have more information.

You're welcome to contact support about this issue, but we don't have any additional information beyond what is in this article.

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