Removing Account History

If you feel that MoneyWell is getting a little too bloated, you can remove some bulk historic transactions. Although it's always good to keep a little history in your accounts so you can refer to it. MoneyWell will ignore transactions older than your cash flow start date for the purposes of budgeting. If all you want to do is start over with your bucket balances, follow the Starting Bucket Balances instructions.

If you do want to remove historic activity, follow these steps:

Please make sure that you have a working backup of your MoneyWell Document (for MoneyWell 2 or 3 users) or MoneyWell Budget (for MoneyWell 2023 users) before starting this process.

Check our articles for backing up MoneyWell:

For MoneyWell 2 or 3 users: Backing Up MoneyWell and Making a one off backup

For MoneyWell 2023 users: Backing Up MoneyWell 2023 and Making a one off backup MoneyWell 2023

  1. Select the Cash Flow view
  2. Select an account in the Source List
  3. Select all the transactions from the day prior to the date you want history back to the Initial Balance transaction, but don't select this first one
  4. Press Delete and confirm if you are asked
  5. Unlock the Initial Balance transaction by clicking the lock button on the detail the Transactions menu command
  6. Change the Initial Balance transaction date to the day prior to your new first transaction
  7. Change the amount of the Initial Balance Transaction to the end of date balance for your account on that date (check your bank statement or website)
  8. Lock the Initial Balance transaction again

Repeat these steps for each account in MoneyWell.

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