Making a one off backup MoneyWell 2023

This article solely relates to MoneyWell 2023 and is entirely not relevant to any of the previous versions, MoneyWell 3, MoneyWell 2 or the original MoneyWell.

If you are using MoneyWell 2 or MoneyWell 3, please read our article, Making a one off backup

This is our recommendation for doing a one-off backup before undertaking some troubleshooting. For general back-up recommendations please see our article on backup strategies linked below.

Creating a one-of backup of MoneyWell couldn't be easier.

  1. Open MoneyWell
  2. Open the Budget you wish to make a backup of
  3. Go to File -> Export -> Export As Archive
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts

For more information on making backups, please see our article, Backing Up MoneyWell 2023.

For infomation on how to restore from a backup, please see our article, Restoring from Backup MoneyWell 2023.

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