Import Creates New Account

When importing transactions into MoneyWell via a downloaded file from your bank or financial institutions website, (See our article, Importing Transactions, for more information on this) sometimes a new Account can be created. This is because information the bank or financial institution have included within the downloaded file can be slightly off what MoneyWell is expecting for a given account. Therefore MoneyWell will create a new Account using the information that is within the downloaded file, instead of correctly assigning it to the correct Account.

No problem, there is an easy fix to this.

  1. Import the downloaded file into MoneyWell
  2. If a new Account is created, right click on the new Account in the Source List and select "Edit Account"
  3. Make a note of the Routing Number, Account Number and Account Type
  4. Now locate the existing Account for the downloaded file that you imported (the Account that you want the transactions within the downloaded file to be associated with), right click the Account in the Source List and select "Edit Account"
  5. Replace the Routing Number, Account Number and Account Type with the information from the new Account that you made a note of in step 3
  6. Delete the import (when you import a file, MoneyWell creates a new Smart Filter called "Last Import", simply select this Smart Filter from the Source List and select all transactions within it and delete them)
  7. Re-import the downloaded file
  8. The import should now assign all transactions within it to the correct Account
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