Chase Direct Connect

As of October 6th 2022, Chase no longer support Direct Connect.

They have moved to a totally different way of directly downloading transactions using an aggregator - they are referring to this as EWC+. Currently MoneyWell only supports automatic downloads via Direct Connect.

In the short term, MoneyWell will not be able to support this new connection method. It is still possible to download an OFX / QFX / QIF / CSV file via your online banking to import into MoneyWell without needing to enter transactions manually, Importing Transactions.

In the longer term, we're working on a way to offer additional connection options. We've identified a suitable aggregation partner, but there are significant hurdles both technical and legal which will require work, so this is not going to be a quick process. We'll start to share more information on this when we're further along in the process.

We'll update this article with any further information.

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