MoneyWell 3 and Catalina

Apple released the next version of macOS on 7th October 2019 - Catalina, macOS 10.15

We've been running MoneyWell using Catalina since early June 2019 when Apple released the first beta version to developers and we're happy to report that everything we've tested works as expected.

Hopefully the only thing you'll notice is MoneyWell prompts you to allow access to the location on disk where you're storing your MoneyWell document. This is nothing to be alarmed about, and you'll probably get a lot of these prompts for all of your apps after you've upgraded to Catalina. Apple have introduced much more explicit permissions requirements, similar to those you get on iOS.

We released a small update as MoneyWell 3.0.13 to make MoneyWell fully compatible with Catalina's new security features. Catalina requires app developers to notarize their apps - this is an additional security feature designed to keep your Mac safe. If you don't download this, when you try to run 3.0.12 on Catalina you may be greeted with the following dialogue:

MoneyWell can't be opened

This change isn't currently required for MoneyWell 2, and as far as our testing has gone, MoneyWell 2 continues to work on Catalina.

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