American Express Cards

Update October 2020: It seems that some Amex customers are getting a 503 or 403 error and a similar update has occurred. If so, it may be necessary to follow the below instructions again.

American Express recently made some changes to their systems.

This has resulted in any Direct Connect connections needing to be reset.

If you use AMEX, you can follow the following steps to reset your connection and get up and running again:

Note: It's always a good idea to make a backup before you begin any changes like this - just in case you want to rollback to how you had things previously

1) Go to Transactions - Edit Online Connections and remove your existing AMEX connection by selecting it from the list and then pressing the minus (-) button.

2) From the same screen, add a new connection by clicking the + button, finding American Express in the list and entering your Direct Connect username / password


If you aren't prompted when adding the new connection to match your account(s) you can perform the following steps to do so manually.

3) From the sourcelist, double click on your AMEX account or right-click and select "Edit Account"

4) From the "Edit Account" dialogue, select your newly created connection. Then select "Done"

Your new connection should now be linked to your existing American Express account, and any new transactions should continue to be downloaded into that account with MoneyWell.

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