MoneyWell Subscription

As of March 2023, MoneyWell is now available exclusively via the Mac App Store (iOS App Store for Express) and has moved to a subscription model.

We understand that introducing a subscription model may deter some users, but it's necessary for us to ensure the sustainability of MoneyWell. The current model isn't viable for long-term sustainability.

We also wanted to put MoneyWell back into the Mac App Store, and Apple has made it very clear that the “traditional” app upgrade model isn’t something they want to support.

Currently, we provide two subscription options: annually or monthly. Both are fully featured. Additionally, we offer a generous "Free Mode" that is not restricted by time but only by the 200 transaction limit.

MoneyWell Express for iOS is a free companion app and is included in all tiers of the MoneyWell Subscription.

As the prices are locally determined by Apple, please check the App Store for the amount you will be charged. MoneyWell on the Mac App Store

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